Igat is an Italian manufacturing industry,
specialized in trophy plaques for the Italian and international market.
Our main company values are: innovation and dynamism.

Since 1993 our core business has been designing, and producing trophy plaques, corporate awards, as well as promotional plates.
Igat’s strength is managing the complete production cycle inside our company:
graphic design, 3D modeling and milling, cutting, embossing, and printing.

e grant our customers product exclusivity and small personalized productions.
These significant assets are linked to the technological mixture between tradition and modernity,
from engraving, to sublimation through screen printing.


The contrast between the satin and the glossy finish highlights the 3d design of the plaque.
Excellent results can be obtained with uv digital printing, heat transfer, traditional engraving or laser.


Sublimation plates combine the qualities of satin plaques with the advantages of the sublimated personalization. Finishes available for each model on the catalogue in the following colours: gold, silver and white.


Marble finishes are available in various textures and colours, plain black included. Engraving plates are suitable for traditional engraving and laser.


We can personalize each product on our catalogue as well as we can make models according to the clients’ requests. Special shapes, prints in multiple colours and 3d embossing. Contact us for further information.